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Tidewater Subsea manages and operates a wide variety of equipment which enables solutions on complex marine projects.

Tidewater Subsea's broad range of marine services has led to the ownership and operation of a number of unique vessels to support subsea activities.

With services ranging from critical subsea cable placement operations, to ROV deployment, to scientific projects, Tidewater Subsea has a range of vessels to deliver the solutions that complex marine projects require.


Our vessels that have been used extensively for subsea operations. Projects that these vessels have been deployed on include:

  • Scientific research studies, including sampling, archeological work and scientific instrument placement, repair and retrieval

  • Inspection projects on transmission lines and pipelines

  • Support for Naval submarine operations

  • Support vessels for deployment of deep water drill rig testing

  • Submarine power transmission cable placement, retrieval and repair

  • Submarine communications cable deployment, retrieval and repair

  • Salvage and recovery of propellers, light aircraft and boats


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  • ITB 45

  • Georgia Transporter

  • Tugs

  • Barges


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To learn more about our subsea services, please contact:

Arnaud Etchart, General Manager, Tidewater Subsea

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