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Tidewater Canada provides diverse marine services to a wide range of industries. Services include bulk fuel transportation, specialty towing, marine logistics, and marine fueling. Recognized for valuing long-term relationships with several of the world’s foremost multi-national oil producers, Tidewater Canada transports 1.6 billion liters of fuel annually on over 700 voyages. Tidewater Canada's customers come from a wide range of industries including fuel transport, utilities, government, military/coast guard, shipping, scientific research and marine construction.

With a fleet of technically advanced tug boats and state-of-the-art double-hulled barges, Tidewater Canada's commitment to renewal and modernization has established a precedent for operational excellence as the West Coast’s largest bulk transporter of refined petroleum products. Its growing fleet includes nine towboats and nine barges. Tidewater Canada's vessels are recognized for their innovative design and strict attention to safety. Tidewater Canada is ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance program and follows the ISM Code for Safety Management established by the International Maritime Organization. With skilled employees, customized equipment, and extensive industry experience, Tidewater Canada provides effective and efficient solutions in the most challenging environments.

Quality transport and delivery of bulk petroleum products by a specialized fleet on the Canadian and US West Coast.

Specialized transportation solutions including harbour and river towing.

Incomparable experience at providing marine fuel supply

and related service solutions to ships in port.

Creating innovative solutions to customer needs using an integrated approach.

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