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Tidewater Subsea has been installing submarine cable since 1965. During the past 50 years, Tidewater Subsea has completed over 400 submarine cable projects and has become the predominant cable layer in the Pacific Northwest, gaining the experience and developing the equipment required to deal with the high demands of laying modern cable. We work primarily in the Pacific Northwest but have the capability to handle projects on a global basis.


  • Cable Installation

  • Cable Inspections

  • Cable Repairs

  • Cable Maintenance


Our extensive list of projects include work with a variety of types of cable and in diverse bodies of water, from the challenging tidal waters of the coast to remote lake locations.


  • Transmission Cable

  • Distribution Cable

  • Fiber Optic Cable

  • Deep Water / Shallow Water Cable

  • Difficult inlets consisting of high-current crossings

  • Dynamic cable lays


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  • Fully mobilized DP cable lay barge

  • Wide variety of reels, pans, traction engine and cable laying equipment

  • Cable workboats

  • Shallow water rapid deployment cable laying craft


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To learn more about our subsea services, please contact:
Arnaud Etchart, General Manager, Tidewater Subsea

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